Hi! We're Adam and Elizabeth Melson, the owners of South Church Salt Co located in Moorestown, NJ. We're a handmade, small batch, family company offering a selection of pepper infused sea salts for you to put on everything. Yes, everything!

The idea of the salt started while visiting Elizabeth’s brother who lives in Kona (a town in Hawaii, also the name of our dog!). The salt came about as a way to utilize the leftover pulp strained out of ridiculously hot, homemade hot sauce. Back in NJ, we strove to make a salt of our own. So we started growing our own ghost peppers, habaneros, and jalapeños, among other things in our garden and playing around with different recipes in our spare time.

Originally, we made “The Spicy Salt” just for ourselves. It's made with a blend of ghost peppers, habaneros and a few other natural ingredients. It brings a nice full pepper flavor and adds a spicy kick to whatever you put it on. Most people have some reaction when they hear "ghost peppers" - they either get really excited or somewhat afraid. We've found that sea salt is the perfect vehicle to have that amazing pepper flavor but at an accessible heat level. It's spicy, but not TOO spicy.

Once you start eating it, you can’t stop putting it on stuff – eggs, avocado, steak, corn, chicken, pasta, pizza, beans, ranch dressing, everything. It’s delicious and addictive. We liked it so much we shared it with some family and friends. Then we ran out. So we made some more and sent samples out to more friends. People liked it, a lot. And we ran out again. With the overwhelmingly positive feedback, as of 2018, we decided to take a leap and make this salt thing a real thing.

Because not everybody likes their spicy to be THAT spicy we came up with a Jalapeño blend. We have some more ideas up our sleeve so stay tuned for what we cook up next!