What Does a Ghost Pepper Look Like?

What Does a Ghost Pepper Look Like?

Adam Melson

What Does a Ghost Pepper Look Like?

Angry. Ghost peppers look angry. They are 2-3 inch long red peppers, nearly hallow aside from a little pulp and seeds, and that makes them even more angry. It tops over a million on the scoville scale and will hurt you unless blended with other ingredients. You've been warned.

Someone at work had to go home after eating half of one.Why? Because he drank a bottle of blue cheese dressing and it didn't put out the fire out in his mouth. That same coworker is one of our best customers.

Ghost peppers start a green bean green color, then slowly turn orange and then to red. If you leave them on the plant, they'll become a rich red. The stems on the ghost peppers look thinner than habaneros or bell peppers. The stems are safe to touch, beware the actual pepper pulp.

These last a decently long time on the plant if they're not harvested quickly, making them an easier pepper to work with when schedules get busy. 

We took those angry ghost peppers and made them be friends with habaneros, thai chilis, garlic, onion, and vinegar. They look like pepper pulp at that point.

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